AIM Retirement System

What to expect from our trademarked retirement planning process


Meet your Retirement Team!

At Cyr Financial, every meeting includes a financial advisor, financial planner and CPA.



Your Licensed Financial Advisor
CFA Institute Investment Foundations



Your Financial Planner
CRPC Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor



Your Tax Specialist
CPA Licensed Certified Public Accountant

We believe the AIM Retirement System is unmatched in its comprehensiveness. Since the beginning in 1999, our founders, Chris and Jamie Cyr, believed financial planning should be more holistic. At its very core, retirement requires a group of experts, managing several critical elements in one unified and choreographed direction. We are fiduciaries, which means we must do what's best for our clients at all times. The AIM Retirement System is the beginning of your journey to a Comfortable and Confident Retirement.

Assess • Implement • Monitor

Before Your First Meeting

  • As fiduciaries, we’re legally obligated to understand your complete financial situation. You have received a Financial Profile and a list of Important Items to Send. To avoid wasting your time and ours, it is important to send us these items before your meeting.
  • Upon receiving these items from you, your retirement team will be building your baseline... a 30-year outlook, based on your current situation.
  • You will receive a video from our president on what to expect for your first meeting.
  • We will send you an appointment reminder, which will include directions to our offices.
At Your First Meeting

  • “Get to Know You... Get to Know Us” session.
  • Understand the retirement lifestyle you want.
  • Discuss your primary concerns and questions.
  • Review your baseline 30-year current situation – discuss possible weaknesses.
  • Review your investments.
  • Decide if it makes sense to move forward with the AIM process.
Before Your Second Meeting

  • You will receive a video summary of our first meeting.
  • Your retirement team will be contacting you to clarify any outstanding items.
  • You will receive a video from our president on what to expect for your second meeting.
  • We will send you an appointment reminder.

Have a Question About the AIM Process? Talk to our founder who developed it!

Assess • Implement • Monitor

At Your Second Meeting

  • Re-visit our first meeting to ensure your goals and needs are clearly understood.
  • Review your baseline 30-year current situation - before any improvements.
  • Discuss all aspects of your retirement, including estate planning, beneficiaries, will, POA, taxes, Social Security, Roth conversions, long-term care, insurance, investments, health care, pensions and more.
  • Highlight key suggestions and solutions to retirement success.
  • Assess your current investment allocations and present a proposed investment and guaranteed income plan.
  • Pull everything together with your retirement overview... your new 30-year situation.
  • Question / answer session.
  • Discuss next steps of the implementation phase in the AIM process.
The 90-Day Onboarding Process

  • Congrats - Cyr Financial Wealth Advisors is officially your retirement partner!
  • Complete paperwork.
  • Your retirement team will walk you through the asset transfer process.
  • You will receive weekly updates on the status of your transition.
  • At the end of the onboarding process, you will have a “Once the Dust Settles” follow-up call with your financial advisor.

Become a client of Cyr Wealth Advisors?

Assess • Implement • Monitor


  • In-person financial review as needed.
  • Famous video updates from our founder, Christian, Cyr, CPA, sent straight to your phone and email (two to three per month).
  • Touchpoint communication system.
    • Personal phone calls from your advisor.
    • Update emails from your advisor.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your customized retirement portfolio.
  • Income taxes.
  • Required minimum distribution (RMD) reminders.
  • Medicare & Medicare Supplement sign-up.
  • Social Security sign-up.
  • Ongoing service and support throughout the year.
Our Commitment to You

  • We will always respond to your needs in a timely fashion.
  • We will always communicate with you.
  • We will always do what we feel is in your best interest.
  • We will be your retirement partner for life.

Your Partner for Retirement…

Your Partner for Life

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