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Austin Phillips


When it was time to pick a college major, Austin knew he wanted to help others through his career. Having always enjoyed working with numbers, he decided to become a business major, which eventually led to the discovery of a passion for finance. In this area, he could utilize his math skills to help others achieve their financial goals.

While earning his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Iowa, Austin gained valuable industry experience as an intern at Cyr Financial. This opportunity solidified his interest in finance and honed his skills in analyzing complex financial data. After graduating, he joined the firm full-time, where he continues to pursue his passion for helping others. Austin believes retirement planning is crucial to financial well-being and advises clients to start early and make informed decisions to secure a successful retirement.

When Austin is not immersed in work, he enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. During winter, he indulges in his love for skiing whenever possible.

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